Welcome to 1st Finchley Scout Group! We are located in Finchley, North London and provide Scouting to boys and girls across three sections since 2011. Here you can find out more about us and the things we do in Scouting.

Thank you for 2023!

Another year of scouting has come to an end, and we have put 2023 into 1 minute for you to enjoy!

Digital Weekend 2022 Cinema

Saturday 14th

It's Saturday 14th on a scout camp, what could possibly go wrong? 

The Scout Apprentice

Our scouts are on the Apprentice show. Who would be hired, and who will be fired? 

Cub Summer Camp 2021

It's been 2 years we haven't done a summer camp following the COVID-19. This year we have finally come back to our routine to enjoy camping once again!

Digital Weekend 2021 4K Cinema

Harry Potter and the people who sleep in socks

Something has come between Ron and Hermione's marriage, but what would Dumbledore do?

Normal Pills: An Intervention and Case Study 

Oscar's journey to help his friend Caelan who found himself obsessed with mangas and games, but maybe there is hope? 

Easter Hike 2021

The first hike after our group went back to face-to-face meeting. The hike was about 12 km just like the last Chiltern 20 challenge, but our scouts didn't seem to have lost their stamina during lockdown!

Bonus: we went across the same train track as last time!

Chiltern 20 in 2020

4 teams of our Scouts took part in this year's Chiltern 20 hike this year. Unlike past years, this year's hike was not a competition among teams but a challenge instead due to the pandemic. The whole route was 12 kilometres and took on average 4 hours to complete. 

Here are some photos along the way!

Group Lockdown Project

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have worked together to create this short challenge video during the lockdown. Thanks goes out to all young people, parents and leaders who contributed to the safe journey of the apple :)

A Year of Scouting in 60s

It's been a fascinating year of Scouting! 

Take a peek at what did we do from summer 2018 to summer 2019 under a minute ...

Survival Camp 

Our scouts showed us skills and bravery by surviving a weekend  without a tent in September!

They are trained to use knife and axe, shelter-building, fire-lighting and game preparation.

Isle of Wight Summer Camp 2019

Our Scout had their summer camp this year on the Isle of Wight for a whole week. 

Check out some of the photos from the camp!

Digital Weekend Short-films Series

Creativity is what it takes when it comes to digital-making! 

Sit back and enjoy our series of video made by our Scouts...

MasterChef Cub Camp

Cub spent a weekend mastering  their meal planning and cooking skill. Can you imagine 16 Cubs catering for themselves from scratch for 48 hours?

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