Online Scout Manager

What is OSM?

Online Scout Manager (OSM) and Parents Portal are our online systems that allow parents to:

  • View the term’s programme
  • see information about upcoming events and activities, to make sure that your child never misses out;
  • decide which activities (such as camps or trips) your child will take part in, and notify their leaders;
  • See and edit your personal details;
  • pay for activities through our secure payment provider, GoCardless
  • pay subs through our secure payment provider, GoCardless
  • find out which badges your child has achieved, and which ones they are working towards.

You can go to Parents Portal from here:

Parents receive an invite to OSM when their child joins our group. This email contains a secure link allowing you to access your child’s information. Only someone with that link can access your child’s information.

If you have not received your email you probably haven’t given us an up-to-date email address for you. Please Contact Us telling us your email address so we can change it, and send you another invite.

Once you have clicked the link, you can take a look around OSM. We recommend that you create an OSM account for yourself (click on ‘Sign up free’ in the top right of the OSM screen) so that you don’t need to keep clicking the email link to access Parents Portal.

Why are we using OSM?

OSM means that parents are able to access more information about their child’s Scouting and means that all of the information you need about activities or events is secure and accessible at any time. No more Scouts losing letters on the way home!

OSM also sends out emails about activities and events to your registered email address which means that we can cut down on the number of paper letters and printing that we do.


Parents Portal is a part of Online Scout Manager which is used by over 80% of Scout Groups in the UK. The system has been designed from the start to be as secure as possible – and uses the same encryption and security methods as major banks and other secure websites.

When you make a payment through Parents Portal, your payment details are processed securely by GoCardless, who are registered with the FSA and sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland. All payments through Parents Portal are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee meaning that your money is protected by law at all times.